My father

I’ve been planning, lazily, to write about my dad.

I think it’s probably best described as a coping mechanism. Or maybe it’s a way to recall and document things so I don’t forget. Then again, it could just be stemming from a need to talk about him when very few people ask me about him these days. That’s not to make others feel bad, but I was never able to talk about him while he was sick. When I was ready, years had passed.

So I’m going to talk about him to no one and everyone at the same time. I’ll tag these #dad. More to come soon.

An attempt was made

I’ve started (and restarted) a blog so many times, it’s a little embarrassing. Maybe it’s foolish to start again. Maybe not. I feel like I have things to say and share, but I don’t know why I want to or why I feel an obligation (?) to.

So, I’m attempting this again. And I’d like to stick with it this time. But, I mean I say that every time, so take it for what it probably is: yet another failure.

Either way I’ll start off by treating this as a journal of sorts. Something that’s for me, but I’m happy to have you here, dear reader. Let’s see what happens.